Lay down your shattered heart
Listen deep within to the whispers of the your divine knowing.

The struggle is real only when you believe you are the struggle and that it is happening to you.

Let go of your preconceived notions and surrender to the vibrations around you and within you.

Life is not beautiful nor painful, it is simply reflective… We manifest our experiences, and they are just that… A moment in time… That moment is constantly in flux.

Now is the time to release your grip on the outer edges of lifes river bank and flow freely.

This may require an effort to keep yourself right side up. BUT one must let go of the attachment.

Life is simple… But not easy!
Take time to revel in the joy of life and to laugh at the egoic moments. Lay down the desire to be perfect and roll around in the messyness of life and love.

Rest your mind and allow the consciousness to flow from your centre.

Life isn’t about the destination nor is it about the journey. Life is the present moment and the gift that arises when we can let go and surrender in each moment.

From this place we find peace because we become it.
It is not something we do, it is something that happens to us, but first we must open ourselves to the infinite possibilities life has to offer.

Break down the barriers between you and your truest potential and finally remember the truth about yourself. The truth that you are lovable, worthy, deserving and good enough just as you are.

Namaste ?️

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